Meet the Staff of Sonshine Daycare

We value the ability of making our centre an extension of your home.  To help the children and families feel welcome every time you walk into the centre.

We are all CPR and First aid trained and value that each one of the staff bring new experience and learning activities into the centre.

Director : Barb Nowicki R.E.C.E

Supervisors: Sabrina Banka R.E.C.E  and Tabitha Trethewey  R.E.C.E

Infants Staff:  Martha Mckerlie R.E.C.E Nicole Kellestine R.E.C.E

                            Alyssa Santos ( apprenticeship)

Toddler Staff: Deanna Snelgrove, R.E.C.E

                            Tabitha Trethewey,  R.E.C.E

                             Amber Cumming   Alyssa Crookshank,

                            Ashleigh Nowicki ( apprenticeship )

Preschool Staff: Cassandra Johnston R.E.C.E

                               Victoria Little (apprenticeship)

                                Sasha Serbouti R.E.C.E

Samantha Banka R.E.C.E

Rebecca Vandermeyden ( apprenticship )

Before and After School Program – Julie Levac R.E.C.E

Cooks: Debbie Topping and Nancy Kew

Floater:   Kelly Challis and Haley Waht R.E.C.E

Custodian:  John and Bonnie Clarke